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breakfast companion

It was raining over the ice covered ground, but still I made my way to the feeding area. I was rewarded with this fella, he was not disturbed by my presence, and I was thrilled that he continued eating away, while I refilled the other feeders. He was a big guy, compared to the one I met later at the other feeder.

this one was shy, he/she stayed pretty much behind the suet.

Offer your services instead of expecting from others. Take the initiative to do what you can to help others. Understand their needs and act swiftly.

Perfect Liberty 2020.14

It is not easy to walk alone in the country without musing upon something.

Charles Dickens


Comments on: "breakfast companion" (16)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Hopefully, you will some day see a pileated woodpecker. They are pretty impressive. And what they will do to a tree to get at the termites is also pretty impressive.

    • are they the ones with red on their head?

      • Nicholas Vrtis said:

        Well, there are red headed woodpeckers.. with an all red head. They are a little bigger than you friend. Pileated are even bigger (about the size of a large crow, but not as ‘fat’?). They have a fairly long neck, and a point on the back of their head.

        We only see them a couple of times a year.

  2. I think you have a friend.

  3. Very cool!

  4. The woodpeckers do love the suet cakes! Very nice!

  5. Wonderful photos

  6. Downey (the small), Hairy (the larger) woodpeckers?

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