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Thursday doors revisited

Doors come in many sizes and colours, some are from the past, some are still being used today. Like the people who conceived them, used them, doors are all unique. When the shut down period is over I hope to get out to acquire more pictures. 🐱

Have a “let’s do it” attitude. Even if a t ask is difficult, keep in mind it is given by God and accomplish it.

Perfect Liberty 2021.14
Door to the loo!


I will update thig blog tomorrow with a link for you, that will take you to No Facilities, where you can see other posts for Thursday Doors. Here you go https://nofacilities.com/2021/01/14/first-journey-doors-thursday-doors/

Comments on: "Thursday doors revisited" (12)

  1. Great collection of doors πŸšͺ

  2. Simply splendid gallery of doors

  3. Nice gallery, Dymoon.

    • thank you! It has been fun going back over all past files, we are in lock down here, interestingly the media is having difficulty telling everyone what is and what isn’t a go. Mixed messages from Provincial and local government…no wonder, there is so much confusion. Have a grand day.. shine!.

  4. I like the loo door and the last shot on the left.


  5. Nice collection of doors! Why is the door to the loo always the best?

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