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Ms Rabbit & friends

for some reason the camera is acting finicky… half of the pictures taken the other day were not focused properly, I recall having trouble with the adjustments at the time.. of course its when I get home and upload them that I see just how wonky some of them turned out. The blue jays don’t strike me as being crisp… but.. and I do see the little chippy.

You can freely express yourself within the rules. Consider rules as a canvas on which to express your specialty artistically

Perfect Liberty 2021

Comments on: "Ms Rabbit & friends" (6)

  1. Oh, goodness. How adorable.

  2. Sometimes I think I could just watch wildlife all day and get nothing done.😊

    • it grows on one. I feel the same way.. I sometimes want to just put out a chair and sit. I do it in the winter … in the snow, when there is storm, and I’ve just put seed out, (in the woods) I’m not keen with the mosquitoes. Wave a happy hello your way…

  3. They are so sweet .but the bunny is adorable.

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