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Condo-dining with a view

Stony Swamp Reserve

Enjoy the changes in your life. things around you are constantly changing with the times. Take on the challenging and new experiences as materials for self expression.

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Your willingness to learn will make you shine even brighter. As long as you are motivated to learn more, you will continue to progress in life.

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Comments on: "Condo-dining with a view" (8)

    • yes, had gone .. just seeing this now.. made it in good weather, however, coming back I was greeted by a thunder banger. It was a nice day, didn’t get one snap in tho’.. hope you did better..

      • So you’re a day trip to Montreal. Nice. No pics today. Well, maybe one. I worked on a project for our yard display. Did you get any good food in Montreal? I love the restaurants there.

    • There is a pasta place on Boul des Sources… there are line ups to take away, only half of the restaurant is set up for seating at the moment. We got there early to get a seat.. it is a plaza restaurant, non assuming, food is well made .. pasta is made by them, and all their sauces. It is Quebec so small bottles of wine can be had with your meal. found it by chance, because the scrap booking paper craft supply place is in that mall. Just off the 40 going into Montreal, so still on the West Island.

  1. lise lawrence said:

    Very nice.

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