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Friday finds

Ever find yourself in a situation that every place you head for, is out of reach, I got across the river to the Quebec side of the Ottawa River, only to find a detour on the road I wanted to take. OK, I know the city so I took a side street that ran along the parkway.. thus the wonderful colours, and the picture that is a burst.. is where there is a foot path that takes you to the Gatineau Parkway (which was closed to traffic).

I changed my plans and decided I would head up the 148 (highway) only to discover that most of the road from where I was starting out, was blocked and closed due to construction. This then took me by the Hull Armories.

the only signs of life when I pulled in… you can see they were not interested in me.
one did stop, but after a quick once over, snubbed me.

Giving up on my decision to take pictures on the Quebec side, I decided to come back to Ontario side … Plus, there was word that the border might be closed, due to the rise in Covid numbers. Gatineau I was told was code Orange.

Suffice to say, my adventures continued on this side of the river, but I will save that for another day.

The everyday things you do will show when it really counts. If you have a tendency to be careless about everyday matters, you cannot expect to perform well at crucial times.

Perfect Liberty 2020.3.

Always think that “everything will work out” when you allow yourself to be pessimistic, your thoughts and actions become sluggish. Approach everything optimistically without hesitating.

Perfect Liberty 2020.2

I am taking a positive attitude tonight… I am going to rest, RELAX, chill, and just let life happen. Tomorrow will be another day. Tonight I will find comfort and joy in a freshly made bed and pleasant dreams. =^_^=


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  1. Tanks and geese are an unlikely pairing. The colors look wonderful. I’d heard Quebec is having issues with COVID. That’s too bad. It looks like you had a nice roadtrip. Have a good night.

    • good morning, it was part of an “interesting” day, thank you.. When I was at the base in Pembroke, it was full of geese wandering around the tanks !! Geese are actually becoming pests in a lot of areas.. I’m told they are considered such in many areas. of America now.. They create problems in many beach areas, and parks. sad but true.
      Waves good morning to you!!

      • Good morning, sunshine. Yes, they can be pests here. I’ve seen fields in parks become difficult to use because of their droppings. Oh well. What are you up to today?

  2. lise lawrence said:

    The color are so beautiful.have a good morning.

  3. Fresh sheets are divine – hope you slept well. The colors are gorgeous where you are, even with tanks in the picture.😊👋

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