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Elusive Blue Jays

Today I tried very hard to patiently wait for the little beggars to light long enough in one place so I could snap a picture. They teased me without mercy .. at both trails that I went to. Thankfully yesterday I received these two fabulous pictures from Kevin. Isn’t the Blue Jay a stunning looking bird.

They must have a sense for what is happening on the ground. My first stop, I was putting out seeds, and rearranging the Suet feeders.. I could see them flying by, and for sure I heard them calling out to each other. It wasn’t until I went back to the car and came back with the peanuts and the black sunflower seeds that the cawing got louder and more insistent.

As soon as I headed back to the car to deposit the containers, they swooped in, landed, collected their treasures and off they went. I wasn’t too concerned I thought I’ll just go back and wait for them to come back. I waited, but they didn’t come back.. not until I gave up and headed back to the car that is.. then I saw the flash of white overhead.. and heard the ohhs and ahhs from the Xcountry skiers who were heading out on the trail.

Good relationships begin by greeting each other. Acts of respect and courtesy are reflections of how much we value others. Make it a point to be the first to greet your family, people at work and around the neighbourhood.

Perfect Liberty 2014.4

Energy springs from your smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

Here is wishing you a good start to a new week.


Kevin Baldelli is a wildlife photographer Ottawa, Canada

Comments on: "Elusive Blue Jays" (11)

  1. Bird photography is tricky. They are beautiful but don’t like to pose for the camera or take direction well. It took me forever to get those bluebird photos I showed yesterday.

    • LOL I have learned, I do not have the patience to do bird photography… I can believe you had to be patient.. but then I’ve learned over time, to believe that you can be very determined and obviously patient. waves an early evening greeting your way…

  2. O how lucky you are to have such a beautiful bird to photograph, are Jay here in the uk id beautiful to with blue and white feather markings. My hide was a special place sometimes having 5 Jay at one time, they mimic Owls, Buzzards and other birds. There so clever they can remember where over a 100 nuts have been buried

  3. Wow ❗ what a beautiful image 😍

  4. Beautiful bird and pictures!

    • Thank you Alexander, happy new year to you! Have you done your move yet? Are you all settled in?

      • I believe the new year will be better for all of us.
        We moved in on December 2.
        My wife made a great job to covert our new house to a home. I still have a lot of things to do to give to our house a look I like. However, we already love our new place and enjoying every single minute here.
        All the best to you! 🙂❤️

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