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Your smile

photographer Chris O’Keefe (USA)

Energy Springs from your Smile. A smile makes you and others cheerful and energetic.

Perfect Liberty 2021.4

I spent a good part of yesterday looking for something. I really looked everywhere, walked around outside to see if it had fallen from my pocket. Checked my coat pockets many times, emptied my purse, I was determined. No dog muzzle. So after another search this morning, I gave in and ordered another one for curb side pick up. I wanted to take something out to the car, so had to grab my purse which I had emptied twice, to find my keys.. …. … guess what was hanging from the purse strap. Like Duh! SMILE everyone.. today we SMILE, and SMILE some more. =^_^=

As Pooh would say.. “have some honey” =^_^=


Comments on: "Your smile" (7)

  1. Always the way πŸ™‚

  2. Yes!😊 Beautiful post!πŸ’›

  3. I’m glad someone besides me does these types of things. Waves hello.

    • good evening dear friend…. I spent I don’t know how long trying to coax about 5 blue jays to be friendly. finally gave up.. someone told me they can imitate other birds? Have you heard that? sends virtual evening hugs your way.

      • I don’t know that about blue jays. We used to see them a lot but not so much now. They are too big for our feeders. Thank you. Hugs back. Have a great day.

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