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Who you calling Cute!

Learning to focus on the heart of the matter. When you receive an intuition you must be able to distinguish what the heart of the matter is. When you wake up in the morning, do you feel sleepy, are you wanting to lie down again, you may even go back to sleep, which was your first intuition…

In PL we are taught PL Precept #19 – Begin once you perceive is a truth with a deep meaning behind it. Intuitions are the thoughts that unconsciously come into your mind. When you wake up it is a new day whatever inspirations you have at the start, your “new day” is the first true intuition.

Express your appreciation with enthusiasm. – 2021.21 Be free of your attachments. 2017.11

Perfect Liberty

Thanksgiving/Appreciation ceremony/service at 7 pm tonight 21st.

What do you think – Lily, Santa’s baby?

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