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Sometimes a picture can tell a story … ever had that empty feeling…. we’ve found this wonderful photographer in the States, who has a wonderful way of taking pictures.. They have graciously given us permission to use some of the “stories” we found in our tour of the M6 site. you will see more from this artist over time.

Lately we have had a lot of “sad” experiences within our community. In some cases, we have had to bid adieu to old friends/family members, other’s in our “family” have had challenges that require a lot of “faith” and “makoto” (sincerity). In PL, our first precept is LIFE IS ART. Every day is a new beginning, a new canvas as I like to say. The picture of the mailboxes reminded me of when mail, (the written greeting) was so important, and how everyday, we watched for the mailperson… Yes there were commercial/business envelopes, flyers and advertisements, but.. that is how we kept in touch with family and friends who didn’t live near, news was always so welcome.

How many of you can remember the pleasure of finding a pretty coloured envelope in the mail. One from a pen pal, or friend/family member dropping in to recount their news. Now so many mailboxes stand empty, new technology has changed how we communicate and share. With the change my personal realization is that “feelings” that came with the written word (missive) are often missing. If the mailbox was a symbol of our heartfelt world… would yours be open, full, half full, barely used, and just possibly often empty.????

Be in tune with the feeling of others. Let’s start by trying to understands other people’s feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2022.22

Everyone today is the 2nd month, 22nd day, of year 2022… !! 12=3 body/mind/spirit

There is beauty in the world, there is happiness, joy and a lot of love. Let’s keep our focus on the positives, and the good vibes. Share a smile today…

Comments on: "Feelings" (5)

  1. Patricia Lebrun said:

    Bonjour; Dynoom pqsse une belle journee; mais il faut avoir beaucoup de patient:

    je envoie mon amour Patricia 🐈🌹

  2. I do remember when my distant communications were all by letter – and I miss those days. I still send handwritten cards, but not often enough.

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