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doors and windows

PL calendar day 30

Your surroundings are a mirror of your thoughts

When you think “this is going to be hard” then your situation will become difficult Instead think,” Let’s do this!” and face your situation with determination.  Then you will be surprised to see how smoothly things will go.

bridge,jacksonville fl. mel



bottom photo -M&N

Comments on: "doors and windows" (13)

  1. Hey! This looks like the Dames Point Bridge on I-295 in Jacksonville, FL. Nice angle. 😉

  2. Wow, fabulous photos. Love the horses.

  3. Beautiful Shots!

  4. That red building with the brick is really unusual! Of course I love the cathedral, and the check mate floor! Great post:)

  5. My green door at the end is my favorite. Lovely post!

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