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Modeling foam

Artminds, Michaels air dry

Be thankful at the beginning and end of each day. Each and every one of your actions can inspire peace within your family, your community and the world around you. this peace will eventually help lead to World Peace.

Perfect Liberty 2020.21
Each of us has our own way of thinking
and our own individual lifestyle. That’s what makes life interesting
PL day 20


Please join us at 7 PM in prayer as we perform the Thanksgiving Service. Share in our prayer and re-commitment to physical and spiritual renewal

Humbly express appreciation to God for all the blessings of the past month


Comments on: "Modeling foam" (3)

  1. Is that your visual art with the modeling foam? I’ve not noticed this before in craft shops.

    • It is. I found it at a Michaels, and not knowing what it was, or did I bought a tub of it. Customers were asking me about it at the cash when I checked out, but I had not tried it yet. Now I have. It is lightweight and fun to use.. but will not replace my other sculpting medium Out of the one container I have gotten two canvas samples.. and enough left to do a ?? mini something. Takes 48 hours to fully dry. then they say paint.. but i painted while it was still wet using distress inks and oxide inks.after that dried .. I reapplied and tried other types of colour media.

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