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when two hearts collide

a picture story

I have a dear friend who also has a blog, and who as a writer helps other writers by giving them a picture and asking them to write a story around what they see. Going through pictures for one of my other blogs, I came across this picture.. It spoke to me of so many possibilities that I thought I would try it out on this blog.

Who are these men, what is the storyline here. The postures, the looks, what do they tell you. Mollie you inspired this.. what do you see? Can you feel the emotions, what is happening here, or could be happening.

I look forward to some input here. I think I know where I would go with this story line, but… I’m going to stand aside and let you dear reader, tell me.

Today’s calendar said ‘Good or Bad, It is your Mirror.”

the 25th day, says.. “Let’s find the joy in Everything” Are you looking for things to complain about? Let’s change our perspective and live a cheerful and joyful life.

Each personality is an individual, each with a heart, feelings and emotions that belong to them and them alone, … in life… we are all a continuation of Nature’s Energy field. What happens when two force fields collide?

Stay safe.. stay strong… be happy!


Comments on: "when two hearts collide" (8)

  1. Hmmm, it could be a love-triangle. Perhaps the couple are hiding from the man looking in the opposite direction. Or perhaps the bearded man is preventing the woman from joining the other man who seems to be waiting. Interesting possibilities here.

    • You think….winks….I have the inside track… actually what struck me the most was that altho’ they were all caught in the picture… each seemed to be off in a private moment..

  2. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    This picture looks romantic. But the true story (as with most selfies) is much more mundane and casual. Jack, Linda, Pete and Sarah were on their way to a club opening. Linda, being the fun spirit that she is, wanted a selfie to remember the evening. Just as she snaps the picture, Jack leans in and whispers. “Do you think Sarah will EVER finish getting ready so we can get to the club before the good snacks are gone?”

  3. This one speaks to me of isolation in a crowd

  4. Deborah Lobban said:

    Dymoon, are u there? I have tried to contact u with emails (I suppose I have an old email address?) & in a comment through ur blog. Maybe this will reach u, I hope. I hope u r doing well & will email me at deborahlobban@yahoo.ca Love,Deborah xoxo 

    Sent from Yahoo Mail on Android

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