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May 1.


The other day I got this idea for a song. That worked when I lived across from a musician and we could work on ideas whenever we got in a creative mode. ie. we each had time at the same time. That was years ago, Dave has since moved on with his life, and I mine. Until recently I have been happy writing my blogs and short story lines.. But the other day.. these words came to me…that to me, were not a story, but.. I could hear them with a melody. A lot of good that is .. since I do not play an instrument , yet…its an idea I want to explore.

This is one of the plus items.. on being home. I get to pull out my project drawers and either rediscover them or purge them. so much can happen in a short period of time.




The emotion and music of love takes on so many different faces.I am rediscovering the music in my life.

Please make time this month and every day for the rest your life, to grow in love … to reach out and embrace the world around you with renewed vision. There is only now.. the past is long gone.. have faith, love unconditionally.

Harmony brings us peace. let’s strive to always maintain good relationships and in the community we live in. at home

Perfect Liberty 2020.1


Comments on: "May 1." (11)

  1. You are right…. Lovely post….

  2. A positive post

  3. You have stuck the right notes…

  4. I hope you are singing your new song as you look through your projects!

    • LOL with all the open spaces in my day, I drift from one idea to the next. sometimes I get stuck on one project, but usually I spread myself around.. making sure the dogs get their exercise.. takes up a good chunk of the early day. how are you?? you staying safe.. how is your mobility?

      • All is good here. I can even walk sometimes without even thinking about my knee. Going for longish bike rides, etc. Walk the dog every day, too. Glad you are getting out for fresh air!

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