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Rust, doors +

Shirley Keen is a photographer from NZ

Norm Frampton is responsible for getting other door chaser to share our bounty, for more doors, visits Norms site Norm 2.0 https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/2020/08/06/thursday-doors-august-6-2020/

When I saw Shirley’s recent post of her visit to a “rust” exhibit.. I knew I wanted to share them with you … thanks Shirley…

My other collection of doors I found, are rather of a different kind.. I’ll show you a few here. For long time friends, you know I’m on the hunt for ideas for October …

Don’t give up! Stick with it as many times as it takes. Sometimes you want to just throw in the towel and say, “I give up” but, that’s the time for you to dig deep and push through. Your sincere efforts will invite a good outcome.


Always applaud others. When you can be genuinely happy for others, you yourself will be blessed and you can experience a deeper sense of happiness.



note my sympatico addy that I had for years, I can no longer access, the only addy that works now is the gmail.com addy. Thanks

Comments on: "Rust, doors +" (13)

  1. Oh my, look at the colors on those old trucks.

    • I’ve yet to come across rust with such vibrant colours.. I was wondering if the weather conditions influence the colour changes..? She has come across a few places where they exhibit the rusted “objects”… have you seen that in your travels in the US?

      • Hmmm, that’s an insteresting idea about weather changes afecting how things appear as they rust. I’ve not seen an exhibitions of rusted things but some have put objects in prominent places in teir yard and such.

  2. Those are great!

    I saw the first “pumpkin spice” advertisement earlier this week.

  3. It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad
    rustic World

  4. Wonderful pics. There have been times when I wished I knew how to give up.

  5. Beautiful collection for the Halloween!

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