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Thanksgiving long week-end

Happy Thanksgiving to one and all, I know it is not a holiday in the States, but you are still getting the good wishes. =^_^= We all need some positive vibes these days.

Where I am, we are back to a being on serious lock down, people are being asked to allow at least 28 days of remaining close to home, no social gathering, or extended forays into the city if it is not required.

Please stay safe, stay positive, and enjoy family visits via virtual means if at all possible.

Today is also the 10th day of the 10th month. auspicious time.. =^_^=… we could get an early start to perhaps doing something we haven’t done in years. Let’s send Christmas greetings by snail mail. !! Now is the time to try making your own greeting cards.. or drafting a Season’s greetings news letter. 2021 is less than 3 months away!

Enjoy the moment while you wait. Things come about when they are meant to happen. Think of what you can do for the time being, and don’t rush the outcome.

Perfect Liberty 2020.20


time – it is all in the perspective we apply =^_^=

Comments on: "Thanksgiving long week-end" (6)

  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Halloween isn’t even over yet. And you expect me to think about Christmas? Our annual Christmas letter is going to be pretty short this year.

    But.. Happy Thanksgiving. I like the time of year you folks have it. Better weather, still fresh farm produce. Apple pies, cider, donuts.

    • why short, you have had a lot of interesting adventures? To get handmade cards done in time to send, requires that you think about starting early… I like this time of year too…. made ribs today.. nice change..

  2. I love the photo of the farm. Lockdown is a pain but better safe than sorry.

    • that is the one photo take with the Samsung phone that malfunctioned on me. the gold colour that day was vivid.. however, you get the idea… thank YOU. Lockdown is necessary, but I often get up early, get in the car and drive out of the city.

  3. Happy Thanksgiving. Love your wonderful suggestions.🤗

    • Thanks Eilene… being creative is what we need lots of during these times of social distancing. Waves a happy cheerful smile, sends a virtual hug.

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