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October 9th.

When a dragon comes calling, you listen.

Your surroundings are a reflection of you. a person who constantly worries will always find things to worry about. An optimistic person will attract happiness, A kind person will always be blessed with kindness in return.

Perfect Liberty 2018.9

The dragon who is yet unnamed, came calling, actually jumped out at me, giving me cause to pause. “Your mission should you accept, is to prepare me for travel, for I have a destination….’ I ask you.. how could I refuse, we have done, as was requested…. Soon she/he will leave my home for his/her final destination.

Flu shot today.. must get ready. Take good care dear friends, stay safe,


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  1. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    As somebody who cares.. Thank you for getting your flu shot. And thank you for your contribution to making the world a better place.

    • awwww. thank you… take your kind words to bed.. Keeper hurt her leg and I am going to make sure she rests.. we are going to bed so she can rest her leg and shoulder. Ottawa is on lock down…

    • we went to bed and basically stayed in REST mode. Today the limp is not as pronounced. This is our thanksgiving long week-end. I may have a guest later today and tomorrow, all things being well. my son will come have a late lunch with me.. fingers crossed.

  2. Love the arrangement, dragon and all!

  3. I’m glad to hear you got your flu shot. Your little dragon is awesome. Hello from across the border.

    • Thanks.. we have been put on lock down.. no going out unless we need to. they have closed down the restaurants, etc. again. seems there wanting us to stay put for at least 28 days. Today I was out looking at cameras.. yes!! me… looking for a pocket camera.. looked at canon, sony and a lumix. at least this is what I’ve narrowed it down to at the moment. I need light and small to fit in my hand.. the dragon was fun to do.. he’s gone to his new home.. told he was well received. waves sunny smiles across the miles.

      • Sorry to hear you’re on lockdown again. Our numbers are going up in local cities. Canon and Lumix are both good. I have one of each. The Lumix is a small handheld one. I used it to make the photos of the railtrail a couple of weeks ago.

  4. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    And I hope the dragon received a good strong name.

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