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hello !

hey, you are not going to scare me off

No one can take away the joy you get from putting your whole heart into something. The joy you feel when you’ve put your all into something is yours and yours alone, Nobody can take that way from you.

Perfect Liberty 2020.29

This little creature was not going to be put off. He/she waited patiently for me to fill the feeder. There was a bit of hesitation at first, but after a moment or two of considering the situation, he/she made his/her decision and with determination, looked me in the eye, said “thank you” and dug in.

Live maintaining equilibrium between mind and matter.

PL Precept # 20


Comments on: "hello !" (15)

  1. Love this image 😍 quite the poser.

  2. He seems to like you. Maybe he’s saying thank you for feeding him.

    • HI.. this little personality was bold! broke down and purchased a used Nikon on Amazon last night… rubs hands in anticipation… have a great day, snow forecast for later.. very cold! Waves good morning…

      • Wow, another camera. You’re getting to be a real pro. Snow? I’m jealous. We might get some Friday night. My fingers are crossed. Stay warm. Waves good evening.

    • LOL you are cute! not a pro.. I want to keep discovering …we had snow last night, but alas, this morning when I look out, the big fluffy flakes of yesterday, look pretty bleak… Have a grand day, it’s beginning… =^_^=

  3. The sassy squirrel waits patently to be fed.

  4. I love watching squirrels. Great captures.

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