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The past

The past was not that long ago. Yet in many ways, it is a very distant past. How we communicated, and how relationships, friendships/work related, were formed, was also very different from how it is today. Who knew back then, that our means of communicating would be so drastically changed.

Today is the 11th day of January. Each 11th of every month, we in PL have a monthly service/ceremony Ancestors’ Day . Through this ceremony we express our gratitude for the love and virtues of our ancestors. When I first was told about Ancestors’ day and asked for more of an explanation, .. I was told it is not just family, but anyone who has influenced or been part of your life, contributed to who you are today.

It is only as I have progressed along this “road” that I have realized just how much certain people have touched my life. People that at the time, I did not (I thought) cared for or had any impact on me. Now I do see I was influenced, something in my behaviour or way of seeing “life” was introduced or became part of “me” .. imprinted if you will.. in my subconscious.

When I first learned to use a PBX, that switchboard you see above (picture upper left) I didn’t realize how it enabled me to learn to multi task, and gave me in-depth hands on knowledge that would serve me so well in later life situations. The Underwood typewriter, which was the typewriter that I learned to type on, taught me how to use a keyboard so that as the technologies changed, the basic finger skills I learned enabled me to fit in, in almost any office environment.

It is in accumulating new skills, & learning to use these applications in different environments that round off our skill sets. Every time we step into a new “situation”, embrace the opportunity for learning, we grow. Our Ancestors did the same, they lived, learned, and passed on their “‘gifts” for us to learn from, so we could live more fruitful and fulfilling lives.

Treasure each moment in time. Life is a continuation of “Now”. Treasure each and every moment as it comes, so that you can live your life as fully as possible without regrets.

Perfect Liberty 2016.10

The past leads to Now, and Now leads to the future. Life is an accumulation of moments. Cherish each one.

Perfect Liberty 2021.11


Did you learn to type 65 wpm? Were you introduced to a dictaphone? Imagine the days when multiple copies meant “carbon paper” =^_^=

Switchboard, typewriter photos – sourced on internet

Comments on: "The past" (12)

  1. I’ve no idea how many words I type in a minute, but when I was in my teens I taught myself to type on an ageing typewriter, having no idea what I would be using now.

  2. This was so I could earn pocket money typing my aunt’s invoices šŸ™‚

  3. Well written and my feelings are the same, but I don’t know anything about PBX šŸ˜Š Over the years I have learnt so much and continue to learn . Now in my country, the new policies of WhatsApp are creating a hue and cry. Maybe changes are round the corner. Regards.

  4. That switchboard looks so cool.

    • hi there..got the camera this afternoon, it is not the right one but it will do for me to find out how I like handling a bigger camera. my mistake, the one I had seen was the D 500 and I bought the B 500. can’t even figure out how to open it, will look at a youTube later .Since my first excitement, I’ve come to realize that as you’ve heard me say. I don’t think I will have the patience to seriously chase after, then patiently wait for the birds to cooperate. I’ve met two local wildlife photographers who are happy to let me use a picture or two here and there.. so.. I’m ok, actually VERY ok with that. I can continue with me abstract textures and woodland spirits.
      I am waiting for a Spanish {L calendar .. they must be sending it to me by way of China, when I get it, I will post it on to you. =^_^=

    • I forgot. the PBX it was cool, when I first saw it.. I thought I’d have a time getting to know it, but in fact it was fun, and I liked “controlling” incoming and outgoing calls (shhh) I don’t admit to know what that word is.. While I was at the hotel, Harry Bellefontaine was the featured artist in the lounge. I got to meet him and his wife etc. Place calls for him, messages etc. Was he before your time? or do you know who I mean? Back then, Rich was still living in Ottawa (Rich Little)

    • good morning…!

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