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Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. let’s live with gratitude toward everyone and everything all day today

Perfect Liberty 2022.21

With a prayerful mind, put your heart into everything you do.

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  1. Gratitude, our door to sanity, to living life with a light heart. Thank you

  2. I know you won’t know the connection between your photo today and my own life, but suffice it to say that your photo of train tracks leading off into the ‘sunset’ is the epitome of my life. Our eldest son works for the railroad and our home overlooks active train tracks. We’ve been railfans for most of our 59 years of marriage and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Thank you for today’s smiles–blessings to you.

    • Thank you. I love that photo, we were on one of our day trips (my husband passed away about 5 years ago next spring) we stopped because I love old train cars, and there were some there with rust and age showing, giving them such character.. and for me the train track going off into ??? sparked my imagination. I’m so happy you enjoyed the moment too.

      • So very, very sorry about your husband’s passing. It can’t have been an easy time for you, not that it would have improved a whole lot since then. Losing a spouse is such a profound loss. Take care… and know my thoughts are with you.

    • in life. we learn to deal with the hand we are dealt.. the Universe/life, IS… no more no less… one door closes another opens.. in the PL/ TAO we live each moment, we can never go back.. if we live with Makoto (sincerity) life is a blessing.. there are not regrets.. sadness yes.. adjustments yes.. I was blessed to have shared part of my life with him.. in PL, we have a ceremony every 11th of the month to remember and express our gratitude for the blessings we have had in our lives.. ancestors, friends, people who have had profound affects on our lives…. and as we move on in life, we meet and connect with other “energies” that warm our hearts and share in our journey. blessings…

      • Oh but yes… always forward. I’ve no regrets in this life–it’s been a good long time and I’ve been able to share my life with many people. I’ve been blessed to have earthly angel/guides to help me along the way. Souls who are meant to be part of my journey are brought into my life. I am grateful–I am blessed.

  3. smiles.. yes you are….

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