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Avocado toast

Avocado toast

??? so where is the picture of my newest discovery.  Simple, it was so good, I ate it before I could take a picture. That is what happens when you skip breakfast, buy fresh avocados and come into the house hungry.  I mashed the avocado and tossed it with mayo and garlic salt.  Nothing fancy, but oh so yummy.

I’ve got fresh shiitake mushrooms and new type of dried mushroom soaking so that I can have mushrooms and “fish” for supper.  Side order of fresh green veggies from the Asian grocers ( T & T )  I got fresh ginger, that I will slice into slivers to toss with the greens. I am not going to tell you about the toasted bagel I had for dessert.. =^_^=

No, to those of you raising an eye brow.. nothing on the bagel, no butter, not cream cheese, I ate it nude.

Day 30   PL Calendar for 2018

Use Your Results to Make the Nest Time even Better

Whether things turn out perfectly or not, the important thing is to take what you’ve learned and apply it the next time.

Enjoy the day before you.  Make the most of each moment.  They can never be relived.  Be present.  Be in the NOW.


may 2018

Another moment in Norway… look at the clear blue skies…  it feels “brisk.. maybe not, will have to wait for Bonnie to come home to find out.

Spicy Tofu and spaghettini

spaghettini chillie tofu

1 serving of cooked spaghettini (if you are making it for 2, double accordingly.)

If you are lucky enough to live within a decent distance from a Chinese/Asian market, you can purchase a take out order of stir fried tofu in a rich spicy tomato sauce.  If not, you can stir fry a package of medium -firm tofu, then toss it in a cup or more of spiced tomato sauce , canned is fine, unless you want to make up a batch of salsa on your own.

The green you see is fresh garlic leek sprouts that I either cook with the pasta, or dice it cold.  Then toss with great gusto.. and delve in

Simple, easy and satisfying.  You can eat it cold, or as a hot dish.  In the summer I go for cold, with a nice green salad on the side.

Seasoning in the dish, ginger, garlic, and Japanese red pepper/chilli.. (fish sauce optional)







Inspiration – ginger or garlic

Inspiration - ginger or garlic

Hmmm ginger or garlic, what has that to do with Inspiration. It is about choices, Garlic is such a wonderful little plant. Not only does it add flavour to food it is healthy for us. The same can be said about ginger, Each one has its own taste, and its own uses (as health benefits) and depending on how it is used, will determine our acceptance of use of it.
Interestingly, both are roots (bulbs) the most known remedies and uses are of the part of the plant that is underground.
When out in the woods, unless you know what you are looking for the wild garlic goes unseen.
If my husband comes into the kitchen while I’m preparing a meal, he reacts to the smell of garlic (in the negative) and it in turn affects his pleasure in the meal when it is served.
IF he does not see me cooking, he enjoys the meal with much more gusto and appreciation.

On the surface, life can be tranquil and peaceful, but when we look, really look, often what we see changes our initial perspective.
All this to say, there are so many layers in life, and often we are only dealing with the top layers.
When Inspiration comes to us, it is because the Universe has cut through the layers and has given us a quick glimpse at the heart or core of that moment and blessed us with an option.  I’ve used the word option, because. we are guided, it is up to us to make the choice of listening or doing something different.
Listen, accept the thought and if action is involved, do it. Go for it. Believe in your inner voice for it belongs to YOU, Have faith in yourSELF. me, myself and I, we are all ONE connected to the Universe, The Divine connection is always there, sometimes we simply are not listening. GOD/TAO is ever present.       A L W A Y S

PL Precept #18   Each Moment Is A Turning Point.

“They that wait upon the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  Isaiah   40:31     2013-03-22 9.9.2013 fall is coming 017


Ginger,onion soup stock

Ginger,onion soup stock

This is a soup you can count on to warm you on a cold day/night. It is easy, and worth the time you spend pulling it together. I’ll list the base items first.. the final items you can change up and fix to suit your taste buds.

1 package of beef neck bones, I look for a package with good chunks of meat still on the bone.

1 good size fresh ginger that you peel, crush and dice. I like ginger so I use a good size (big thumb) to begin with.

4, 5 pieces of garlic, how much you use will depend on how fresh your garlic is and how much of a bite you want.

1 onion, again I use a medium size onion because I’ve been known to add a packet of dried onion mix if I want to enhance the stock with a more “Canadian” onion flavour.

the liquids added, Soba Tsuyu (a dipping sauce for soba noodles) Anchovy sauce (one that isn’t too watered down)
Soy sauce ( one with less sodium)
a pinch of sale
a good shake of black pepper

I dump all of the above into a pot full of cold water, and let it come to a boil, once it starts to bubble, I turn it down to medium heat and let it cook along for about 15 minutes, then I add

Carrots, sliced/shredded banana leaf, and any other veggies that I’d like to have in the soup.

Then after about 5 min. I turn it down to a simmer and let it enjoy itself for awhile.

20 minutes down the line I add either rice, potato, or a pasta. Today I’ve added elbow pasta.

Before serving, I will ad 2 scrambled eggs, 1 teaspoon of butter, and fresh baby spinach. I allow that to sit for about 10 minutes before dishing it up.

Braised oxtails – curried Pork Hocks -mushroom vegetarian balls

Sorry no pictures – too busy eating.  Before I forget though I thought I’d best share the recipes with you of last night’s meal for the Prayer Circle evening.  The meats were served on a mixed  bed of Sushi rice and plump medium grain rice.

The Asian grocery store near here, actually slices the pork hocks into slices, just short of cutting all the way through the bone.  This was seared in 100% coconut oil, (1 teaspoon or so) enough so that the crushed garlic and ginger wouldn’t burn and to give the meat a bit of colour.  then I added some chicken stock and curry and let it simmer for a couple of hours.  The curry is the cubed curry that you buy in Asian grocery stores, and you can pick your own flavour and temperature, mild, medium or HOT.  While it is in simmer mode, I add sliced onion and diced celery.

The oxtails, were given similar treatment.  They were seared using the coconut oil, This time I make sure the oxtails are tossed and stir fried until a golden brown, then I add ginger, black bean sauce, some hoisin sauce, and a vegetable mushroom soy, toss some more, then add cooking sake to taste, prior to adding some chicken stock.and cubed king mushrooms.  This too is allowed to come to a rolling boil, then simmer for several hours,

Both of the dishes are flavourful, and provide a rich  harmonizing gravy for the rice…Often when such meals are served the gravies are their own culinary dish.  The reason why the rice is so important to the meal.

The vegetarian balls, are similar to the recipe provided a few blogs back, you can see a picture of the balls on that blog.  This time though, I had actual mushrooms in the mix of oyster and mushroom soy, previously cooked mushrooms and carrots that had been cooked in a sauce for another meal.. they were mashed with the potatoes and chick peas providing a different flavour.  I added to that minced garlic and grated fresh ginger.  Used two eggs with the mix along with about a full cup of Panko (Japanese bread crumbs)  They are a good size since I use the ice cream scoop to make them.  They hold their shape well.  Baked in an oven on a  lightly greased pizza pan depending on your oven, take between 1/2 an hour and 45 minutes. When they are a rich golden brown take them out and let them cool.    I store them using a muffin tin for each ball.

Obviously I do the above over a two day period.  This allows for the flavours to really settle into the dishes.  Then when it is time to eat, I bring the pots back into the kitchen and slowly reheat them on the stove.  The vegetarian balls can be zapped in the microwave, or eaten cold. This dear reader is the reason living in a country where we have 4 seasons, I offer up these meals when it is late fall or winter and its cold outside.  I can use the summer kitchen to keep the dishes cold in their pots over night.

Depending on the group you are serving you can provide along with the meal a plate of fresh veggies or a shredded slaw is good.  Keep  the greens simple and crunchy.

Beverage to go with the above for me is a glass of cold water, but herbal teas are offered to guests.  AFTER the meal.  While eating the object of such a prayer circle is to allow your taste buds to enjoy and experience all the different spices and tastes and textures.

Being mindful and exercising you brain and spirituality, is not just sitting in silence, it is learning how to bring the mindfulness into your every day life and activities.  Sharing mindfulness with a friend(s) and partaking of an evening where all your senses are employed.

Prayer and “active” meditations are key to having and living a balanced life where spirituality and GOD are part of every second of your day.

after the meal and prior to bedtime, I checked on Q who was showing off her svelte figure,  she can eat and it never seems to show!  A great evening of sharing, eating, mindfulness. and time for creativity.  Amazing =^_^=



Faded Glory

Faded Glory

Mother Nature is bursting out all over with her various shades of fall colours. I started out wanting to show you the meat for making ox tail soup. I got sidetracked by the hydrangea along the fence, The closer we get to the really cold weather, the more this flower will show off its many talents. It presents a different “face” for every season.
Personally, I feel that this is something we all do, some of us are more dramatic in our changes than others. The fall winter season sees my wardrobe going to darker colours.
Where does the colour go? It is still present in my life, I just don’t wear it. Maybe in a scarf, hmmm no.. I just checked, the colours are all subdued. One of my winter warm jackets is a royal purple, in some lights it looks like a dark grey, in sunlight, you can see the purple hues …. Whatever, the object of the coat is warmth.
OK back to the oxtail soup. Have you ever experienced oxtail soup? To be begin with, do you know what the packaged meat looks like?

2013-10-29 oct 29 001

This is one delicious succulent cut of meat.  You only need a few pieces in your cook pot to get rich savory results. (recipe is for two – four full nourishing bowls)

Choose the package of meat that appeals to you.  The meat is not inexpensive, there are other cuts that are cheaper, but only the oxtails give you “the” taste.  This meat is also great for doing beef and barley,  My version depends on what my taste buds are wanting at the time I am preparing the soup.  For this exercise I will be moderate in my selections.  I myself do not use recipes, I cook like I do other artistic expressions.. =^_^=

I like a good 5, 6 good size pieces of meat, 1 onion (palm of my hand) cut into slices.  4-5 cloves of garlic, (Russian if you can find it has a nice sharp tang to it)   1 stalk of celery cut into pieces, along with a dash of hot mustard (powdered)    also good is adding several slices of fresh ginger (to taste)  NO SALT.  Bring to a boil and then turn down to a simmer and let it cook for several hours.  After about an hour, you can add diced carrots, squash, green/red peppers, if I have corn I cut it off the cob and add it to the mixture.  Two hours into the making, add the barley or rice..  If you are going to add noodles, wait till about a  half hour before the soup is done.  Noodles that are too soggy are not pleasant to eat.  Only at t his stage, do I consider adding salt (if you use salt) and pepper to taste.

Variations of this dish, is to add curry, turmeric or black bean and garlic paste.  that is the delight of this soup, it has so many taste possibilities.  The meat gives you a true beef broth that will take you in almost any direction your little cook’s spirit wants to go.

Remember this morning I was wanting Japanese breakfast, I was at an Asian grocery store that has baked, and cooked goods, this is what I had for lunch.  I treat myself to these dumplings when I’m shopping there for my groceries.

2013-10-29 oct 29 006

Today- I enjoyed the visual poetry that the weather and sunshine day brought my way, and I let my taste buds enjoy themselves with the variety of goodies I “stuffed” myself with.  All in all, a pretty good day… Looking forward to tomorrow.

How about you, was your day a success?  Have a busy day planned for tomorrow?  Whatever comes your way, listen with your heart and mind…

Many blessings, today, tomorrow and always…

photos -Q

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