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February, a new year, Chinese yr of the Snake

Happy New Year -. another year has passed, and life keeps getting better

Feb. 10_012

In China in olden days, prior to the arrival of a new year, the custom was to sweep away the past, make sure the house was cleaned, and that you were ready to receive all that the new year would bring. (spiritually and intellectually)

In Second Life I found a sim that was preparing for Chinese New Year celebrations.  The vendors hadn’t set up yet, I basically had the place to myself.   There is something very peaceful about being able to wander a virtual town, experience the artistry of the builders who put it together.

Life is busy right now, I have agreed to do an art show of my work(s) during April and May.  This means going through my records, books and photographs to see what I would like to showcase, and determine how best I can talk about the many artistic expressions I’ve had in the last say decade.

I have no idea how to show my sculptures in 3D format in SL (Second Life) and anything that I would have to learn to do so, would take time.  Yet, there is no anxiety, just a sense of  “Wow, what fun I’ll have putting a show together” this will be my first in SL.  It means show my work to  total strangers, without faces, I will have to bring the RL into the virtual world, and then go with the flow.

It is one thing to build in SL and display what I have been learning and doing there, virtual creativity is not what I’ve manipulated with my bare hands, and shaped or expressed from my inner self. Or is it?  All that I do comes from me, myself and I….  I loved this picture that I took of myself on New Year’s eve.  There is something about it, that has captured my “mood”   I’m happy, and I wish for each and everyone who read this to know, that I want you to be happy too.  In PL (Perfect Liberty) we say, “life is art”  and for me..  happiness is being creative.        Blessings. Q

Feb 9_011

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