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breakfast meeting place

Good morning. I thought I’d share with you my breakfast nook. When I arrive and park, I enter the woodlands where you see the big rock, and the path divides. My feeder tables are down the trail on the right. When families come, they stop there to watch and/or feed the birds.
With the forecast for heavy rains, starting up this afternoon and lasting into tomorrow.. warnings are of record rain, and possible flooding! I took myself off there this morning to top up the feeders. As many of you know, being out in nature, listening to the birds, and basically just being with them.. is very therapeutic.

Good or bad it is our mirror. Sincere expressions invite good results, but insincere expressions can lead to unexpected trouble.

Perfect Liberty 2020.24

Our prayers, one by one, can lead to world peace. A sincere prayer will always be answered. Let’s continue to pray for World Peace from the bottom of our hearts.

Perfect Liberty 2016.1.

Best wishes to each and everyone of you. Whatever your celebration, or time you spend over the next while, be happy, life is good, we have each other! Near or far, I send love to each and every one of YOU. Now and Always. Q

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  1. Great minds think alike., I went out on the trails today because tomorrow looks like a washout. You have quite the setup here.

    • thanks.. yes .. I enjoy it… you going to get the rain too… I hear possible floods.. the warnings are out. waves a cheerful hug your way.. pleasant dreams.. sugar plum and all that…

    • ah… you got the same dump of rain we did, it pounded and battered against the house all night. All is quiet this morning. but very wet. I just went down to check on my sump pump. Have yourself a good day dear friend.

      • Thank you. I think the rain will end here soon. Unfortunately, it washed away all the snow. There isn’t any up north even. Oh well. Have a good evening.

  2. Thanks for taking food to the birds (and squirrels) 🐿! Stay dry and warm – and Merry Christmas.

  3. Hope you weather the storm well – take care!

    • Hi Eliza it was a beauty, I don’t recall so much rain even from this summer. it poured, BUT you know.. when I went out on “yard duty” I thought I saw the little evergreen standing proud showing off a growth.. I will have to go back in a bit and look again. waves a cheerful good morning across the miles..

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