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Rabbit in wonderland

Most of us have read or seen Alice In Wonderland, how she dropped down a hole, and found herself in this wonderful colourful and wacky world. Remember the rabbit, always on the move, always late for a very important date. Once retired I hoped not to have such moments any longer. No more deadlines, no more meetings, no more planning committees….. life has a way of presenting us with options, how we accept or deal with these little surprises goes a long way in how we get through our days and manage our day to day activities.

The heat and humidity we have been having, has simply thrown any plans I had for “acitivities” into pending mode. I have no desire to really do much. Even the thought of getting out for my walk is a chore to deal with. I say this, yet yesterday, I went out several times to try to cut down a branch on a tree that I feel needs attention. My tool for cutting is an old rusted saw. Need I tell you how successful and how efficiently that task went. After several attempts I left it to look at (deal with) today. I did saw through over 3/4 of the limb. I want to tackle the one beside it too.

I asked myself as I lay in recovery mode on the bed, under a ceiling fan and another rotating one that I have that blows towards the bed (from the dresser) (yes of course, I have AC I wanted and needed more!!!) “Why do I do such things” of course my inner voice, wisely kept silent. I act when the “need” hits. I had looked out from the deck while standing there with Keeper (9 yr old whippet) who was watching me with curiosity, since I’m not usually out with her, just standing or sitting on the deck in the heat…. I wanted rid of the vines I saw choking the tree, so i took action, I grabbed the pruners, put on my gardening gloves and marched off the deck to cut and pull down the offending vine. Never mind that the tree is taller than my garage and I no longer hit the 5’3″ mark.

A bag of vegetation and branches later.. much of the one vine was down, but now I could see that I had dead branches that needed to be cut down. See that is the problem when we tackle one “project” another rears its head. I could hear male voices over the fence and was tempted to ask for help.. but. I knew they were working on my neighbours backyard project.. so listened to my now pacing dog (she wanted in, she was smart, she wanted back into the house) and went back inside.

Nope, no ladders were used in the project, I stood on tip toe, I reached, I pulled, I used a garden implement to hook and try to pull down branches & vines to where I could grasp them. No one said that as I got older, I would necessarily think smarter.

You’re happy, I’m happy. Have the mindset of “good for you, good for me” Express yourself in a way that makes others happy.

Perfect Liberty 2021.7

Oh.. and of course Nk, I was not dressed to be outside doing that. I had already prepared for bed and had been lying down when I went out with Keeper. Another reason, I would not involve or ask for help at that time of night!!! I am considerate if not always too bright. Sigh.. I love life.. I do.. I make my own “messes”… and yes, I do my own cleaning up.. (LOL well ok, sometimes..)

Be safe everyone, the heat is happening in many places.. be prudent, let the rabbits and squirrels do the running .. **even they stay out of the heat of the day..


Life is to be lived.. sometimes we do it much like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, we need to chill more!

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  1. I can just imagine you out there working in your pjs, ha! Be careful and don’t hurt yourself and don’t forget to hydrate! ❤

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