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In the cold gray of the morning light, I got myself ready to find the elusive wild turkeys… Nope, not a one did I see, but I did get some good shots in before the pending rain would start. I used the time to try different settings on this new camera of mine, and to get used to holding it, its big and I have small hands. I like “doing” .. used to enjoy getting up everyday to go to work too. Yup I’m “one of those” It is not “work” when you love what you do ..

What is “normal” is different for each individual. Everyone has a different way of thinking and doing. It’s important to understand others’ feelings.

Perfect Liberty 2021.16

Happy today to you! Share your smile!


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  1. That’s good that you’re wrworking on getting used to your camera. That way when the turkeys show up, you’ll know what to do automatically.

    • LOL the word is out.. I’m thinking they know my car.. and they take off just to tease me, the crows are on look out and make the call as soon as I am in close proximity… Good morning! how are you enjoying the rental?

    • I ended up with the one I have now because what I ordered just wasn’t coming in from Nikon, and the camera shop got the P1000 on a trade up. I hope you find what you are wanting easily. happy Sunday!

      • Thank you. The camera shop where I order them seems to have them on a regular basis. Fingers crossed. If not, I can wait. I’m hoping for a Black Friday sale. Happy Sunday.

    • When is Black Friday? what are you using meanwhile, your old trusted biggie?

      • Black Friday is the fourth Friday in November. It’s the day after our Thanksgiving. Yes, I mostly use the Canon. I have a small LUMIX but don’t love it. There is always my phone in a pinch.

  2. You can’t blame the turkeys for lying low at this time 🙂

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