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Thursday Doors

Doors are the keepers of “mysteries’ they come in all shapes and sizes, no matter the age, the shape, or location, they tell a story. These doors were all taken during my fun adventure on the Quebec side of the Ottawa river the other day. I can’t wait to share with you some of the “decor” that shared time and space with some of the above doors. Stay tuned. =^_^=

Always be cheerful, happy and good humored. When you make effort to be cheerful and happy you will naturally begin to feel that way.

Perfect Liberty 2020.12


Thursday doors is a feature hosted by Norm 2.0, visit https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/category/thursday-doors/

Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (11)

  1. Gotta be the last but one barn door!

  2. Oh, I like their scarecrow. Nice. These are all such rustic beauties.

    • Yes when I saw it.. I thought it might something you’d like. this was the person who did all the wooden pieces I showed the other day.. Waves a cheerful good morning, have a great day! cooler weather happening here..

      • I thought they had a great scarecrow. Ours is all decked out for Thanksgiving. It looks like you had a good time exploring the otehr day. It was in the 60s when I went out this morning and has dropped about 10 degrees since then. I guess winter may come after all.

    • you have changed your scarecrow already, when is your thanksgiving? I always think that the States has almost 8 weeks of feasting!

  3. Great variety of doors and that log man in the last shot is great. Happy Thursday.


  4. These are great doors. I like the guide in the last photo – that made me smile.

  5. Love that last one with the wooden man standing in front of the house. But all are wonderful doors. Great find!

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