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fuzzy but

This is what I can do at the moment with the current camera.. is it clear enough that someone can tell me what this little bird is?

Because I had to get Keeper to the vet for 9, I hurried out of the house for my walk and grabbed the first camera that came to hand. I don’t usually try to get a picture of the birds when they are high up in a tree cuz I know I don’t have the distance yet. (new camera on order) This little beauty was “flirting” with me as walked the bog, so I stopped and tried to capture her/him when he perched on a tree where I had clear access. Pretty song too.

We are all wonderful in our own way. Although results are important, your effort is what is truly precious.

Perfect Liberty 2021.13

Comments on: "fuzzy but" (4)

  1. Cedar waxwing – such lovely birds!

  2. Yes, cedar waxwing. Are they unusual where you are?

    • I don’t think so.. my friend knew right away, I’m just a novice when it comes to birds. I know the ones that I like to hang with .. ie. crows… evening grosbeaks… cardinals.. blue jays, after that I get lost.. =^_^=

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