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9th. Abril

There is a door set in the wall – it is closed

on each side it is flanked by a window, shut tight

the moss on the cement blocks leading to the door,

suggests that the steps have been there for awhile

how many times have the window panes been kissed by the rain

just when did the house fall silent

are there finger prints on the windows, of children looking out

If I knock, will someone come to the door

The house is so small and still, I can see right through to the back door.

just waiting for some kind of response .. I feel the house shift

it has been awhile, but it can still hear echos of its former lives

it sits silently aware that for a brief moment in time, someone came to visit

standing proud, it feels good, once more it served a purpose and was rewarded with a moment of appreciation.

Old homes, buildings, fences, cars, trucks, they are reminders that life is fragile, and fleeting, now more than any other time, is not the time to squander the joys of living, the true meaning of friendships, and genuine caring and understanding of the people, communities around us.

It is important to say “thank you” Everything that appears in front of you is all material for you to improve yourself whether its food, people or things. Learn to accept everything, whether it is something you like or not.

Perfect Liberty 2020.9


photos NickV.

Comments on: "9th. Abril" (22)

  1. Very nice. Shibui.

  2. Just the kinds of thoughts such a building provokes. Good photographs and excellent, timely, philosophy.

  3. What lovely words to go with your Thursday Doors post. If only buildings could talk and share the secrets with us of those you have ever lived there. So many stories, so much to learn.

  4. The past is always present and there is always something to be learned from it. You’ve shared a good lesson and interesting photos.

  5. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    But the new roof is only a year old on that place!

    It used to be a family cottage (mom, dad, three kids would sleep there). Most likely made from a recycled garage trucked up from the city.

  6. Very well done!!

  7. Love the texture of these run down houses.

  8. These are the buildings that make me wonder about their stories. What were they like when new? Who lived in them and what were their stories and dreams?

    Happy Friday and stay well!


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