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Thursday doors.

photo Ian Mitchell Quebec city
small town Ontario
back road, Ontario
small country road, Ontario

We find doors everywhere, some are grand entrances, others are solid and welcoming, while others, serve a purpose or did, and stand ready for when they are needed again.

When you think, “I’ve got it” think again. It is so easy to misinterpret the situation and jump to conclusions. always have a humble attitude and double check to make sure.

Perfect Liberty 2020.13


For more doors visit Norm 2.0 https://miscellaneousmusingsofamiddleagedmind.wordpress.com/category/thursday-doors/

Comments on: "Thursday doors." (32)

  1. I enjoyed your an eclectic collection very much.

  2. Nice post. It’s fun to see all the different images.

    • Good afternoon, how was your adventure? waves a happy hello

      • It was good. I think I have some good shots. One Bridge was really odd. They pulled it off the river for repairs. So, it’s sitting in the middle of the road. Kind of interesting. I found a great coffee shop with cinnamon rolls on the ride home. 😊 How was your day? Waves back.

    • lol did the rolls disappear in quick order. I ended up in a Forest reserve, and it was HOT. after awhile all the greens looked alike. won’t be able to tell how many I really like until I put them aside for awhile (bridge)That would be interesting.. looking forward to how you captured the “moments” Was happy tho’ getting out was a “good” happening.

    • used a few already, as you’ve seen, will keep the rest for a winter’s day =^_^= one will be along soon enough.

  3. This is a very nice collection of doors. I’m like you, they all speak to me.

  4. Great selection.

  5. Great shots, I love the angle of your first image.

  6. Rustic Canadian shots

  7. @lunatheportie said:

    Doors and windows are some of my favorite things to photograph!

    • Luna darling you are such a talent.. now that I know you also like doors and windows.. .. wow.. didn’t think I could love you more.. give you a big hug, sneaks you a piece of non greasy bacon..

  8. That first shot is my favorite. I do love a good stone building and these are winners.


  9. I like that castle with the one in front with the red roof and red door. Greta capture!

  10. Great collection of doors.

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