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Perfect Liberty 2021.13

I’m testing out a new feeder. Although after seeing what the racoons can do… I now know why so many of my feeders last year got demolished. Guess I will have to plan for the next winter season, rethink the kind of feeders I will need ..

will see if this bicycle feeder will hold up…=^_^=
Till soon

PS.. last winter I’d arrive to find the feeders looking like a cyclone had gone through. Now I have a better idea of just how they got turned over, ripped apart etc. As cute as these racoons are… those little hands and their cunning I think can do a lot of damage.

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  1. Awesome video. They are cute but naughty. We had a bear take out our neighbor’s feeders this morning. I have photos for tomorrow’s post.

    • Hi there. yes I’ve saw last year what they did to my feeders over time.. but… they were darlings this morning, they hesitated when they first saw me.. but I didn’t budge, so they came on along… I was lucky I was there at the right time, and my camera was in hand.
      sends virtual hug..

  2. Gosh, the whole family came with those clever little hands! They can be quite destructive, only a bear does worse. 😉

  3. Oh my gosh, they are so adorable. But destructive, yes indeed! Tough to outsmart, too.

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