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crow teachings

This morning I took off to find the wild turkeys, instead I found a group of crows.. there were only 4 – 6 of them.. I was pleased to see them.. you know I love my crows.

There were not familiar to me. I was in a different part of the city, they kept their distance. At least with this camera I could get a little closer to them.

I love the look on this fellow. He kept his distance, but didn’t fly off after I put out a bribe or two =^_^=


Life is for living. Make each moment of our day count.. Remember it is always important to take time for YOU. Self Care these days is paramount. This is a lesson I have to pay heed to myself, we tend to sometimes overdo… Seeing the crows today, when I was expecting wild turkeys was an “ah ha” moment, at first I was disappointed, then I realized .. crows are my favourite birds, I love crows.. and here they were just waiting…. it was an opportunity to make like the willow/bamboo and go with what was presented to me… Enjoy the crows … make new friends.. everything happens for a reason.!

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  1. I love crows too. They are beautiful and intelligent birds who don’t have an easy time of it in this modern world!

    • Hey YOU, HI!!! I love them.. I’m going to drive out there again this morning if I can get myself in gear and get out of here, its a good half hour drive.. (rush hour traffic here makes the freeways look like parking lots, so I will travel back streets/roads)

  2. I have a big crow family that have been with me for years. I share peanuts with them almost every morning. I am sad when we are out of town and I cannot feed them, but they’ve always returned. Crows are such interesting and caring birds.

    • they are, the crew that I fed all last winter, took off come spring and breeding season, I am hopeful they will return to that location come the colder weather.. Which will come!!!! Sends sunshine greetings your way…

  3. Did you ever see this one Q? https://derrickjknight.com/2018/06/26/how-she-suffers-for-my-art/
    For two years that Crow, we called Russel, sat alone on a neighbour’s roof, before finding a corvine mate

    • Wow..no I had not… I’m totally wowed.. It is my first to see and know that it is a possibility.. however, I tend to agree, not knowing where and when one would discover poo.. would not be something I would enjoy. Great pictures.. thank YOU for sending that to me.. don’t know how I missed it… I’m going to drive out there again today to see what I find, if I can leave the house soon, I an be there in 1/2 an hour or so. virtual hugs to you both!!!

  4. They are great doers..love being high on the trees seeing people and looking for food.

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