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meet “Ham”

I really do believe that this one likes to pose for me. He will set himself apart and then just pose giving me time to take his picture… all sides =^_^= … It doesn’t earn him rewards just praise and admiration.

When the camera gets put away, he will saunter off being very nonchalant. No, I cannot tell them apart once they are gathered in a group.. not yet anyway. I have to admit to being fond of them, now when I see them when I’m walking a trail, I stop and visit.. a few of them will be social, others will turn and run off towards their “pals”.. they have the cutest way of running. The other day I was treated to two of them actually flying off into the trees. It was my first time to see them lift off and fly a distance.. they are a delightful bird.

I have a question, there is a big (I think) wasp nest hanging high up on a tree at one of the sites I go to, I watched it the other day swaying in the wind. It is big, how do they suspend it and with what?

Make today a memorable day. Let’s try to put our whole heart into whatever we say or do, as our unique signature.

Perfect Liberty 2022.26

Make a point of smiling, it relaxes the face and can alter your brain and body chemistry, It can also have a positive effect on the way people react to you.


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  1. It does seem improbable to watch a turkey fly – and roost in the treetops. I do think the wasps build the nest around a small branch for support.

  2. A handsome dude, for sure. 😉 Most likely a bald-faced hornet nest, all tenants long gone. Paper wasps chew wood pulp and make a kind of ‘glue’ which they then attach and build up in layers upon a branch. Though large, it is very light in weight.

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