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wet and plentiful

Drizzle, wet splattering droplets were landing everywhere.

still, even as a single drop hit the lens… I continued on my walk

At one time, I would have not even undertaken to wander out in the woods while it was raining. On this day, it didn’t matter… this was where I wanted to be.

yup, its tilted .. artistic license =^_^=

The day has many possibilities, like the branches on the trees, they begin and end somewhere.


Comments on: "branches" (6)

  1. Sometimes, the best time to walk is during a light rain.

    • I’ve not really done it like I did that day.. I actually walked with an acceptance, as Nick commented, it was rather liberating.. smiles.. how are you enjoying the changing season, more home improvements?

  2. Nicholas Vrtis said:

    Walking in the rain is a funny thing. It seems to take an effort of will to say “It’s only water, and I’m not really going to melt”. And then there is this liberating feeling when you realize that and just keep walking.

  3. In my lucid dreams I’ve often been in rain, “Am I dreaming or am I awake!”

    In reality, when walking in Nature you are always awake!

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