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exhausted? overwhelmed?

How long does it take for mushrooms to grow, and what determines how the fungus will take shape? Finding these little gems took my mind away from the annoying conversations it was having .. Really I had been thinking of totally irksome information that had come into my gray matter over the course of the last few weeks. I was out in the woods, having a lovely walk … doing what I don’t usually do, I was going the wrong way along the trail towards the bog boardwalk. (the boardwalk has signs that clearly indicate we are wanted to travel it in the direction indicated by the arrows) My reasoning was that I was not going to take the boardwalk, I was walking the path towards it and then planning on taking the trail that leads off in the opposite direction.

My plan and what actually happened are two different things. I’ve been tired lately, I have had a lot going on around me, my walk this morning was to let my thoughts clear, and let the morning air, clear and unclutter the gray cells. That said, I think the thoughts were all vying for the exit and rushing towards it at the same time.

When walking this way (my first time to do so) I had to look at my surroundings differently, I decided to take the small path that led me between very tall evergreens. (looking for wood for me to carve).. I was checking every fallen branch and log I came to. It was a short enough detour, but I was now juggling pieces of wood that I had picked up, and realizing that I would have to head back, since now I had my arms full carrying my “finds”. I came out unto the main path I had previously been on and there before me was the remains of a tree that had fallen during the storm, … while the main trunk had been removed from the path, cut into pieces and moved away from the area, there were still interesting pieces lying there for me to pick through, I had to put down what I was carrying, in doing so, I found the fungi seen above.

The feeling of exhaustion and the overwhelming parade of nattering that had been happening in my head, vanished. I was totally captured by the interesting pattern and textures of the fungi.

The best timing is when you notice. When you notice something, it is God sending you a message. Act right away so you don’t miss good timing

Perfect Liberty 2022.5

Sometimes we have to break away from the clutter and senseless chatter that happens when we go too long without taking a Me break. It is easy to get caught up in the “must do” “need to do” things that we think are so important… they are not. Our well being is what is important. think about it. You, yourself and only you … are responsible for your happiness and state of mind, YOU are the director of your life,


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  1. patricialebrun03gmailcom said:

    Bonjour Dymoon, c’ est moi j’ ai les bleus de ce temps ici, mais tout va bien. je prie et ça va mieux.

    Bonne journée,🌹 Patricia

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