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Thursday Doors

Good day to you … I had occasion to visit Dave’s photo gallery the other day, he had this window I was taken with .. when I asked for permission to use it, he said, “fill your boots”… so I looked around and found a few others that I tagged to use today.

What I so admire about the visuals taken by friends is that they see and capture moments in their own unique way. That is one of the reasons I participate in the Thursday Door weekly project, it is always so much fun to sit and visit all the different presentations. Since Norm began this theme years ago, I have seen so many different doors/windows from all over the world, and in every colour one can think of. Some are works of art, others practical, some full of history, ALWAYS a joy and fun …

You can visit Dan’s site (he has taken over for Norm) to see more doors by visiting this location. https://nofacilities.com/2021/02/04/author-author-thursday-doors/

Express yourself with a kind and thoughtful heart. Be attentive and put your whole heart into your expressions, as if you are always trying to create a “beautiful work of art”

Perfect Liberty 2016.4

Enjoy the day!

Comments on: "Thursday Doors" (21)

  1. The first photo, the B&W barn is stunning. They are all wonderful photos, but I could sit and stare at that one for a while. Thanks for sharing these.

  2. Thank you for sharing these. He has some great images.

  3. Great selection, really varied. You even managed to find a red door in what looks like a very Irish setting.

  4. Junie-Jesh said:

    What a nice offer to show his photos:) The last one is most intrigueing, although I don’t know what was behind the opened door …the wall of a house? HAd to smile about your comment about Lawrence Welk -I thought oh my goodness, I know that music (not my favorite:))

    • LOL I hear you. she loved it.. watched it without fail, even all the reruns. She knew all the cast, and sang along.. funny what sticks tho’ I remember him saying wonderful wonderful.. I’m sure his fans would think i could do better than that!!! waves hello across the miles.

      • Junie-Jesh said:

        Oh my goodness, all of the reruns too? You must be a very patient person, and loved to keep your mom happy:)

  5. Dave has an excellent eye. Even thought it’s not a door, my favorite shot is the very last one.


  6. Wonderful rustic photos all…

  7. I love the phrase “fill your boots” and whew – that was a great photo from dave
    my fav today was the mood of the white door in lower left of collage – very warm and moody

  8. These are lovely pictures, especially the last one.

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